Self Assessment

I don’t know what I need!

More often than not, we aren’t sure what we need or if we need help at all.  It may also be a question of a loved one who is engaging in substance use but, as a concerned family member or friend, you might not know how to determine if someone needs help. 

Whether it is possibly depression, anxiety, alcohol use, marijuana use or any combination of substances, there are simple assessments available to begin the conversation with yourself and others.

Test answers and results are not recorded or transmitted, they are private to you.

Please select an option from the left-hand menu to perform an assessment.



Opioid Risk Tool

CAGE Adult Alcohol Assessment

CRAFFT Adolescent Alcohol and Substance Use

Instructions:  The CRAFFT Screening Interview contains a few simple questions that can help adolescents and their families identify the probability of an alcohol or substance use concern. 

Please note that this assessment is not to be used for diagnostic or medical purposes; rather as an informational tool to identify potential areas of concern.  It is recommended to seek formal assessment services from a licensed provider.

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